How to Play FFXIV ARR Tank Gladiator well?

Gladiators are close quarters specialists, who use sword and shield. Their origin goes back to arena fights which were aimed at entertaining people. These warriors are able to counter-attack with the use of a dexterous shield bash, while also attacking with an accurate sword blow. Their mastery with offensive and defensive maneuvers make them efficient on the front line in battle.

A gladiator tends to protect allies by rising up against the enemy and redirect damage towards himself. The attack power is average compared to others but the defensive attributes are what really catches the eye. A gladiator is very good on 1vs1 fights but keeping enmity when fighting a group of enemies can become troublesome. Get Final Fantasy XIV Gil

If you start your game as a Gladiator, you’ll end up in Ul’Dah. Follow the main storyline quests and you’ll end up at the Gladiator’s guild before long. Start your Gladiator class quests and try to complete the level 10 quest before you head off to other cities in the airship (via the storyline quests). When you get to Gridania, speak with the receptionist at the Conjurer’s guild. If you’ve completed the level 10 class quest, you’ll be able to unlock the Conjurer class. You’ll need to get this class to level 15 if you want unlock Paladin when your Gladiator reaches level 30.

As you level up, you’ll learn new sword skills, but the higher you level the more skills you’ll learn that increase enmity. These are the skills you’ll want to use during party play and dungeon runs. The Gladiator specializes in tanking single mobs, but he can handle a group during the early levels of dungeon runs. Skills such as Flash work against all nearby enemies, so make sure to have it readily available when tanking dungeon runs. Flash uses MP, which makes it great in combination with Riot Blade, which restores MP.

When you reach level 18, you’ll learn the Shield Bash ability. This stuns most enemies and works very well when they’re attempting an area attack. Always have this action ready to use. It has a 2.5 second recast timer, so it won’t be down very often. However, don’t spam the action unless you see the mob attempting to perform an attack that you’d like to stop. It won’t stop every attack, especially during boss battles, but it does well to stun most enemies you’ll encounter during dungeon runs.

It’s important to alternate between the Gladiator’s various skills to ensure that you’re maintaining hate, while keeping the important skills readily available. You’ll also need to keep an eye on TP usage. Some of the Gladiator’s actions such as Shield Bash and Riot Blade use TP. If your TP is too low you won’t be able to use these actions. Focus on actions that don’t use as much TP, such as Fast Blade or Savage Blade, and save the strong, more TP-heavy techniques for when you really need to get a mob’s attention.

In terms of gear and stats, vitality (VIT) is an important stat for Gladiators. It increases their health and defensive abilities. Strength (STR) is also important for holding hate and dishing out damage. A Gladiator isn’t about damage dealing, but every bit of damage helps to hold hate, especially when the real damage dealers will be dishing it out in much higher levels than you will.

We’ll have more advanced Gladiator tips coming your way in the very near future. Stay tuned to Prima Games for more Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beginner’s guides, as well as some video content coming shortly after PAX Prime!

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A Guide to the first FFXIV:ARR Dungeon

Welcome to the first of Eorzea Reborn’s ARR Dungeon guides.  This guide provides information on the first dungeon players will encounter, Sastasha with Final Fantasy XIV Gil.  Sastasha is designed to be a learning dungeon, for a typical MMO player this will be a very easy zone.  However, Sastasha was designed for players new to MMO’s and this guide is written assuming you have minimal experience with party play in MMO’s.

Sastasha is a level 15-17 dungeon located in western La Noscea in the regions surrounding Limsa Lominsa.  This is the first dungeon players are allowed to access and it is required to be on the “It’s Probably Pirates” step of the level 15 class story line to initially enter Sastasha.  Once you complete the dungeon, you may repeat the dungeon whenever you wish.  Sastasha features a level sync design and will “down level” your character to 17th level to complete the dungeon.

As with all of the story dungeons in FFXIV:ARR, Sastasha is a timered instance.  You have 90 minutes to complete all of the story objectives and finish exploring the dungeon.  This is more than ample time, even for new parties.  Experienced parties are likely to finish the zone in around 30-minutes.

Sastasha is located in Western La Noscea just north of Aleport.  It is easily reached from Limsa Lominsa.  Simply use the Limsa Athernet crystals and travel to the Fisherman’s Bottom area.  On the docks here, talk to the Ferry Skipper and take the ferry over to Aleport.  From Aleport, run north to the dungeon entrance.

This dungeon is accessible by a “light party,” that is a party comprised of four members.  All members must be individually eligible for entry.  You enter the dungeon by speaking with D’perjha outside of the entrance.  However, only one party member actually needs to be near the entrance.  The remaining party members merely need to be in Western La Noscea to enter the dungeon

In general, dungeons in MMO’s assume you have several roles covered.  This includes a Tank (a Gladiator or Marauder at this stage of the game) who can hold enmity and take a beating from the tougher monsters.  Additionally you should have a healer (buy cheap FFXIV Gil) to help the tank and other party members recover from damage taken.  For these lower level dungeons, typically your remaining two character spots will be occupied by damage oriented classes (arcanists, archers, lancers, pugilists, or thaumatergists).

Sastasha is fairly friendly on party composition, though.  If you don’t have a conjurer to heal, you can probably get by with a Thaumaterge who has the Conjurer “Cure” spell.  I have even heard of parties completing this dungeon with an Archer using Cure as the healer.

Final Fantasy review: The return of Baron Castle Raiders month

After the competition many content my thril, nowadays little keep provide us the greatest fantasy: the come back of Raiders Baron Adventure several weeks the whole procedure Raiders. I wish this little sequence of Last Fantasy: the come back of Raiders Baron Adventure several weeks to be able to help the whole procedure Raiders gamers and friends!

Final Fantasy: the come back of Raiders Baron Adventure several weeks the whole procedure Raiders FFXIV Gil

1 gamer in the tale after a while later, Cecil will single-handedly hurried Beast. Players can go to the right part of the town, then you can get all the way to stomach area. Lastly, gamers can be stored in the top right of a sis, the remaining part of the castle you can go.

2, after the gamer just to the remaining to get into, you will discover a knight being pursued by creatures. Now without saying anything. First to get Beast again, and then shift on.

3, then the gamer will discover that this time the field is so acquainted. Yes, this is the greatest dream duplication of the traditional moments. Display Rosa pursuit be a part of the group, followed by Western Malaysia in the run down to be a part of the group.

4, this time into the 3 battling and in the center is not disturbed, this time is not challenging. Here gamers can use to recover MP. Three second war even cut sight will then announce the loss of life of miracle. Be sure to provide him a deceleration Rosa miracle. If it were, there are gamers murdered, then, to response as soon as possible.

5, Western Malaysia would run away with Rosa, then lovers of the lady with the monster Bahamut will strike Cecil. Then Cecil is not alone a monster competitors, will soon beaten.

6, the tale of these. Everything Everything shows a trembling changes about to start. Well, modern little to provide us the greatest fantasy: the come back of Baron several weeks Raiders Raiders Adventure whole procedure to end here. I wish this Last Fantasy below: Baron Adventure several weeks Raiders came back the whole procedure can help to Raiders gamers and friends! Like the experience gamers can concentrate on the wallet vehicles. Bus will wallet every day, right, Last Fantasy: Fantasy Raiders 30 days upgrade.

How to make FFXIV Gil?

Guide: FFXIV ARR Dzemael Darkhold

Seeking to utilize an existing labyrinth of natural caves, the Ishgardian house of Dzemael began construction on their eponymous Darkhold near the end of the Sixth Astral Era, intending it to serve as a refuge for those fleeing the flames of the Dravanian Horde. When the house’s digging uncovered an entrance to the void, allowing an army of voidsent into this realm, however, they immediately abandoned their plans and withdrew from the subterrane, sealing it off so that they might contain the otherworldly invaders within. Despite all this, the house is unwilling to relinquish its claim to the caves, and believes that if they can be cleared of the voidsent, they might still be able to see their original plan brought to fruition.

Dzemael Darkhold Boss Strategy

All-seeing Eye (Reward: 3 Allagan tombstones of Philosophy)

This is a tricky fight if you do not position yourself well, and of course make sure all of your party members are within the Crystal Veil. More details below.

Special Mechanic (Crystal Veil): Stay near crystals to gain a buff called ‘Crystal Veil‘ this is the only way to damage the All-seeing eye and it will also significantly reduce the damage taken from his PBAoE – Eyes on me. Note that the the energy the crystals give will fade after some time, when this happens move to the next crystal to get the buff again.

The All-seeing Eye also summons adds throughout the fight, so positioning is key to make sure your party does not all get hit with the various AoE skills all of them will do. The first set of adds are easy to get rid of but the second set do a frontal AoE cone… So you can imagine how the tank needs to gather emnity for the All-seeing Eye and the adds to make sure their cast effects are targetted to a direction away from the party

Eyes on me (no cast huge PBAoE): Simply put, it deals very significant damage if you are not near any crystals under the buff ‘Crystal Veil

Cursed Gaze (fontal AoE cone): Gives Amnesia or Paralysis

Taulurd (Reward: 7 Allagan tombstones of Philosophy)

We like to simply call him… Turd! lol He summons adds that stay on top of a platform, they throw rocks at you, some can be avoided and some cannot, make sure you avoid the ones that can be! (they will have ground AoE cast circles) oh, and also, dont lump up together!

Double Smash (frontal cone AoE): Position away from Taulurd to avoid this attack
Elbon Drop (frontal cone AoE): Stronger than the Double Smash, Turd starts doing this once you get past 50% life


Batman ugh Batraal is a huge demon bat with two swords, he has a frontal line attack (Desolation) that can instantly KO anyone caught in the attack, so watch out for it! He will also link himself to crystals at several parts of the fight which makes him invulnerable, you will have to destroy the crystals he attuned to, in order to proceed. Watch out though, the crystals do an AoE every now and then so stay away whenever it casts the AoE.

Grim Fate (no cast frontal AoE): Batraal does a flurry with his swords and damages all party members in front of him, so make sure you position Batraal away from the party if you are a tank

He also does a Random Projectile to party members dealing about 25% of their life

Desolation (frontal line attack): This is the attack that WILL kill you if you do not avoid it.

Critical Life: at about 30% life Batraal gets stronger, starts casting Desolation at will and spawns some void like pools that deal AoE damage when stepped on. So position yourselves accordingly

How to become rich in the FFXIV game?

If you want to get loaded with FFXIV, I think it will not too difficult. Since I can only associate all too well with that, I believed that the best remedy would be to existing you with the top seven methods to create some cheap FFXIV Gil. Please observe that these are just difficult suggestions – every server is different, so you’ll still have to do some analysis yourselves!

1. Quests

Quests are the life line of every explorer that delivers his first category up in these severe surroundings. A lot of missions do not only compensate you Gil, but also provide you with the option of selecting another product – among them often Allagan Items, which can be interchanged for Gil. Ensure that to examine if you can’t get the devices from the pursuit compensate less expensive on the Industry Board!

2. Task Log

When you accomplish stage 15, you will be able to open up the Task Log by doing the pursuit “Rising to the Challenge”. The process log provides you with a lot of little difficulties, a lot of them arriving with a financial compensate, and they totally reset weekly. If you do all the difficulties at stage 50, that indicates 50.000 Gil additional secured – that’s nothing to sneezing at!

3. Crafting

Ahhh, designing. The existing that keeps on providing. Some gamers just quit levelling their crafters, because it can be rather costly, unless you village everything required for it yourself. But it will pay off in the end. Developing low-level high-quality products will become a easy, and other beginners will choose them to get their own art levelled more easily.

4. Gathering

This is a no-brainer. All you do is choose up products, and fairly much all of it you can offer or, if you have the designing category for it, art into probably better-selling products. Ensure that to do your analysis on the Industry Board!

5. Converting

This often neglected function can net you quite a bit of money. While you battle, art or collect, the devices you use will obtain Spiritbond. If it gets to 100%, you will be able to turn the devices to Materia (after you don’t need to put on it any longer, of course). Based on the kind of Materia you get, you can accomplish very excellent costs out there.

6. Dungeons

Next to fulfilling unusual devices (which indicates you don’t have to invest Gil on it), completing a dungeon can also net you a awesome sum of Gil and unusual products to art with. And when you accomplish stage 50, you will also obtain Tomestomes, which you can return for designing components that can offer very well and rather expensive!

7. Industry Board

There are gamers who have created a lot of money without ever making the protection of the town. They invest their time with the Industry Panel, monitoring the ebb and circulation of costs, purchasing low and promoting great. Will you be able to keep up?

ALSO at said delayed activity agriculture for pads off enemies which are for BOTH food preparation and alchemy. There is another HUGE aspect for agriculture enemies others will be there for. TAGGING RIGHTS. a Archer will be able to get tag rights quicker and more often then ANY OTHER JOB CLASS ! Blm has the benefits of AoE agriculture its a lot more difficult and requires more perform then a archer but has HUGE benefits in certain places.

If you want to get wealthy there it is ! Someone just said what you desired to know and its 100% real regardless of what anybody says beyond this factor GL and appreciate.

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